SA Energy Homes is the premier home improvement company in San Antonio, Austin and the Central South Texas area for your home’s energy needs. Learn how your home can save tons of energy through simple, yet powerful projects that last for ages. With our one-of-a-kind energy consultations, you can find out which projects meet your home’s specific needs and budget. We work with homeowners from all walks of life and can tailor an energy solution that’s unique to your home.

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How Energy Barrier Works

Save up to 35% on Energy Bills:

 We are proud to provide SA Energy Homes reflective attic radiant barrier insulation to homes in the San Antonio, Austin, and South Texas area. Our Barrier is a revolutionary new product that helps to cut energy costs by up to 25 percent. This radiant barrier insulation can actually reflect 97 percent of the radiant heat that tries to build up in your attic, which is the number one cause of home energy waste. With an our radiant barrier, not only do you get the cost-saving benefits but you can also qualify for certain federal energy tax credits.

There are three different forms of energy transfer that are responsible for energy loss in residential homes – conduction, convection, and radiant heat emission. Traditional r-value insulation does an adequate job of stopping both conduction and convection, but fails to stop emission (radiant heat). Our SA Energy Homes Barrier is proud to claim the highest E-value rating in the industry, which measures a radiant barriers’ ability to block emission. As a retrofit product, our radiant barrier can be installed in addition to any existing traditional r-value insulation, creating the most comprehensive energy-blocking barrier imaginable.

Windows make all the difference

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Wincore Windows 7700 Series


Wincore® 7700 Windows and Patio Doors, along with SA Energy Homes can help breathe new life into any room of your home. Durable vinyl profiles coupled with advanced energy efficiency translates into high-performance year round in all climate conditions. Even the Texas heat is no force for these beautifully strong windows and doors.


Window 7700 Windows Specifications

Wincore windows are engineered to last for ages, keeping your home looking beautiful while maintaining a high energy efficiency rating. With more available options than the 5400 series, you can customize your window package around your home and lifestyle that much easier.

Wincore windows come standard with:

-Chambered frame profiles for added strength, rigidity, and enhanced thermal performance.

-Dual paned 3/4″ glass that can be ordered with optional Low E glass and Argon gas fill.

-Insulation glass unit is set 1/2″ into the sash to keep the edges warmer.

-Frames and sash are welded at mitered corners to create strong and rigid units.

-Sloped seal is designed to prevent rain water from pooling during heavy rains.

-Multiple weatherseals at various points around each sash prevents unwanted drafts from entering your  home

-Closed-cell foam sill bulb prevents water infiltration.

Wincore 7700 Patio Doors Specifications

The 7700 series from Wincore adds patios to the collection. Custom built patio doors can make the difference in any room. Learn how these patio doors are different from the competition and can help your home’s energy efficiency.

Wincore’s patio doors include:

1) Fusion-welded sash panels to keep water and air from infiltrating your home.

2) Reinforced lineals to create strong and resilient windows.

3) Chambered profiles increase thermal efficiency.

4) Double strength tempered glass for overall performance.

5) Vinyl threshold makes cleaning and maintaining easy.

6) Multi-point lock secures the door at multiple points with one handle.


7700 Wincore Windows




7700 Wincore Doors



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